Tuesday, June 20, 2017

happy first day of summer!

happy first day of summer, everyone!
i am celebrating with a summer-inspired outfit: shorts,
a tank (sans jacket!), and floral print loafers --
this outfit screams 'summer,' and i could not be more
excited! in true pacific northwest fashion, we welcome 
the start of summer with 60 degree temperatures
 and rain (lots of rain). 

i am trying not to feel too discouraged, however, 
as my weather app tells me to expect sunshine
and warm(er) weather this weekend; thus, i will keep 
these adorable, high-waisted shorts within reach!
disclosure: today i'm partnering with endless knot, a local seattle
boutique. they graciously lent me the tank and shorts pictured here.

summer is seemingly all i can think about
as of late! sunshine, barbecues (with cheeseburgers and 
freshly squeezed lemonade!), weekend trips up to my
family's cabin, jogs around green lake, etc etc.
summer, and all it has to offer, makes me happy!

of course, it does not help that some of my 
favorite outfits and style choices coincide with summer,
too. dresses, rompers, sandals, and sunglasses are a few of
my favorite items, and i am eager to finally dig
them out of my (ahem) **very clean and well organized** 
garage. at least i am honest, right?
^^^ this pink door (located on capitol hill, seattle) is
making my instagram dreams come true! all my 
fellow fashion and lifestyle bloggers, you can surely relate --
finding adorable (and not too distracting) backgrounds to take
photos in front of can prove challenging. this pink
door is the perfect 'pop' for any outfit ^^^

ruffle tank: c/o endless knot
shorts: c/o endless knot (exact here), purse: steve madden,
loafers: zara (exact here), bracelets: alex & ani,
ring: old navy

this post sounds like a stream of 
consciousness, rambling on about my current favorites
(summer, warm weather, pink doors, etc), 
but these shorts are wonderful -- 
as a not-so-young 20 something, finding shorts that are
 flattering and somewhat modest is difficult. i often
leave the dressing room feeling discouraged 
and scold myself for eating one too many ice cream
cones. many of the shorts are just too short.
the struggle is real ;)

these high-waisted shorts, however, fit true to 
size (i am wearing a small, though i sometimes wear a 
medium in shorts and skirts, depending on the
fit and adjustability of the waistline). i love the
length, high-waist, and convenient pockets.
they can easily be paired with a cropped blouse, graphic t-shirt,
or tucked in blouse. green shorts, you may
be my new favorite!

are you ready for summer? what are some
of your favorite summer traditions and/or clothing items?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

an ode to bell sleeves

it is no secret that bell sleeves are prominent
this spring and summer (in case you missed them,
i am sharing other bell sleeve styles here and here).
 they are seemingly everywhere --
on dresses and blouses, even adorning casual t-shirts. 
i have picked up a few bell sleeve items this year, and they act as a
 fun 'pop' to your outfit! say goodbye to your otherwise
plain short or long sleeve clothing. i hope
the bell sleeve trend is here to stay!
i picked up this bell sleeve dress at local
seattle boutiqe, endless knot (and for those of you
not from the seattle area, endless knot now has a variety
of pieces available online!). i love supporting
local small businesses, and this adorable boutique is no 
exception! they have new clothing, jewelry,
and other accessories in store weekly. i am never disappointed, as styles
 range from casual t-shirts and shorts, to much dressier
skirts and tops. i recently tried on a few pieces that will be perfect for the 
office, too. i am currently lusting after a few summer must-haves,
such as this structured dress and these high-waisted
shorts. the price point varies as well, so it is a great
shopping destination, regardless of how small or large
your budget may be.

i am eager to wear this particular dress to brunch, 
barbecues, and a bridal shower taking place later this month.
it can easily be dressed up or down, depending 
on your shoes and other accessories. i recently wore this dress
to a saturday market with white converse -- the print and
sleeves make it flirty and fun, yet versatile!
and when they say 'beauty is pain,' they mean 
looking cute can be excruciatingly painful, right?!

though on-trend, these shoes are 
the definition of uncomfortable. i do not recommend
wearing new shoes for the first time when taking
photos (!!). you do a fair amount of walking when scouting
that 'perfect' location. i may or may not have taken 
these off for a brief reprieve before changing
into sneakers and heading to my car (followed by applying
bandaids to a few of my toes). sadly, they ended up in
the donation pile; you live, and you learn!

dress: endless knot, wrap bracelet: gigi's,
makeup bag (used as a clutch!): tj maxx, rings: forever 21,
shoes: lc lauren conrad via kohl's, 
marble iphone case: c/o ideal of sweden

who else is ready for the weekend?
i am not sure if this is due to too much caffeine,
or perhaps the fact that it is staying light out later,
but going to bed on time has felt seemingly impossible!
i am eager to sleep in, attend a friend's birthday dinner,
and of course, celebrate father's day with my dad.
what do you have planned?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

diary of this girl i.r.l. (in real life)

'what does she do in real life?' ;
 'is that her job?' ; 'is that how she always looks/dresses?'
perhaps it is the 'natural' blogger in me, 
and maybe i spend too much time reading other blogs
and perusing social media (guilty!), but these 
questions often come to mind. i thought
it would be fun to share a few details about my
everyday (and not so glamorous/blog-worthy) life!
monday through friday, i work my day job -- in
september, i made a significant career change and said
goodbye to the world of education. i previously worked
as a montessori preschool teacher. while i loved working
with children, i wanted something a bit more structured,
with the opportunity to grow and advance in my career. i was fortunate
 to find a position with a finance company. i knew nothing about finance,
 but have learned a great deal over the past several months.
though intimidating at first, i could not be happier with this change!

each morning, my alarm goes off at 5:15am. i shower,
 throw on makeup, pack a lunch, and aim to get out the door 
before 6:00am. if i feel over-zealous the night before,
i may lay out work clothes and lunch items.
more often than not, however, i scramble
to do everything the morning of, which always
takes more time than anticipated -- particularly when i 
wake up feeling utterly sleep deprived ;)
i take the bus to and from work each day and am in the 
office from 7:00am-4:00pm. unfortunately (for my bank 
account), our office is located in the heart of downtown.
thus, i spend far too many lunch breaks browsing
through local department stores. zara, nordstrom rack, and 
urban outfitters are among my favorites!

after work, i enjoy going to the gym, or
weather-permitting, getting outside for a run. i often babysit
during the work week, and i like to keep busy.
in the evenings, i read or watch tv, run errands and complete
your typical household chores, and of course, create
content for my blog. my family lives 20+ minutes from me,
so i visit them (and our dachshund, bailey)
on a regular basis!
photos by jenn from hello rigby 

chambray: american eagle, jeans: madewell, 
shoes: zara, purse: thrifted (via seattle goodwill)
glasses: mcm eye wear

a few other facts you may not yet know about me?

during the work week, i never blow-dry or style
my hair; you will see me with a ponytail or top knot!

i have a younger brother. we are
six years apart, and he attends college in bellingham, 
washington. he loves hiking, skiing, camping, and
just about every other outdoor activity you can think of ;)

i bite my cuticles (badly). i most often catch
myself chewing on them when i am stressed or bored.

i am an avid coffee drinker. i usually drink 2+ cups
a day and enjoy all things coffee flavored (ice cream,
mousse, macaroons, etc.)

while i love to shop, the majority of my clothes and 
handbags are thrifted. my favorite thrifting destinations
are seattle goodwill (if you're local to washington,
the u-district 'boutique' store is my favorite) and 
buffalo exchange (also located in the u-district).

i have four tattoos! i have a tattoo post in the works to
share with you.

i am a terrible cook. or perhaps inexperienced 
is more accurate, though i greatly enjoy baking. i hope to 
get better at meal prep and experimenting in the 
kitchen. any tips are appreciated!

if i could wear sneakers every day of the week, 
i would. i enjoy dressing up, and of course, i 
strive to look professional during the work week, but i
crave comfort. sneakers = the ultimate comfort shoe!

i wear (prescription) glasses at work.
i need them when i am on the computer,
while reading, or if i feel my eyes are otherwise
strained. i purchased these frames after
my last eye exam!

do you have any questions for me?
is there anything you're itching to know?
my adorable friend (and fellow blogger), 
ana luiza from northwest blonde recently shared her
'top three most commonly asked questions.'
her honesty inspired this post on my blog!