Tuesday, July 25, 2017

pink walls & little life updates

when you find a cute, colorful wall,
outfit photos in front of said wall are a
requirement! naturally, when jenn and i stumbled
upon this wall (on elliot avenue in belltown for my 
local friends), we had to get out her camera.
i am always envious of bloggers who live in
california, texas, and new york, where bright
walls are seemingly in excess. may
i come live with you?!
and just like that, the end of july is here!
i have greatly enjoyed summer thus far. unfortunately, 
i still have to work full time (darn!), but i 
try to get outside as often as possible. quick
jaunts for coffee and lunchtime walks to pike place market
 have become my weekday ritual. in the evening, 
instead of visiting the gym, i prefer walking or
jogging outside at various parks and trails --
anything to enjoy the sun and warm 

a few other things i am loving as of late?

listening to 'only one' by sigala and digital farm animals.

craving watermelon lemonade and an acai bowl 
from wow wow (new to kirkland!).

i should be cleaning and packing my room
instead of blogging right now (whoops!). i am moving
in august!

lusting after another (small) tattoo...

hoping the sun sticks around this weekend, 
as i am planning to visit my cabin.

wishing i could have a week (or two) vacation
for traveling, visiting friends, catching up on sleep, 
etc. etc. a girl can dream, right?
photos by jenn from hello rigby

dress: thrifted (via crossroads trading), purse: zara,
sandals: nordstrom rack (similar here), rings: forever 21,
sunglasses: c/o hashtag sunglasses

thankful for a new position at work and
the growth potential it has provided me!

excited to take some new outfit photos
for my blog later this week... what to wear...

dreading the end of the nordstrom anniversary
sale because there are so many sweaters, dresses,
blouses, and boots that i want/need to purchase, but sadly, 
they are not in the budget right now.

feeling grateful that tomorrow is already
wednesday; hump day, i love you.

what are you loving as of late?
i hope you are having a wonderful week!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

how to wear a cropped top in your (late) 20s

cropped tops are seemingly everywhere
this spring and summer! i have to admit, as i near the 
end of my 20s, i find myself thinking, 
'can i wear a cropped top without looking 
like a teenager?' the answer is, 'YES!'
cropped tops come in all colors, styles, 
and sizes. while i do not typically wear fitted
cropped tops (bodycon style), i am an avid supporter of 
shorter, somewhat looser-fitting items. this cropped,
floral blouse is the perfect example! while short in length, 
the overall look and fit is much different
than that of a fitted cropped top.
paired with my high-waisted jeans, you can
hardly see my midriff ;)

are you a fan of the cropped top trend?
how do you typically style yours?
^^^ this manicure was one of my favorites
as of late! white gel polish with gold glitter at
the base of my nailbed. i miss it already! ^^^
the nordstrom anniversary sale is prominent
on social media and in the blogging world (i do not
have a nordstrom card, so i have not yet been able
to shop), but can we also talk about the recent zara 'end-of-season' 
sale?! i picked up these fun, distressed jeans for $25 and my 
cropped blouse for $15. zara, i love you!

i usually style cropped or shorter tops
in one of three ways: 1) with high-waisted
denim, 2) with a high-waisted skirt, or 
3) with high-waisted shorts.
any of these options are perfect for spring and
summer. they allow you to enjoy the flirty trend
without feeling immodest and having to worry
about showing too much skin. 

blouse: zara, jeans: zara, flats: steve madden (similar here),
purse: forever 21, rings: forever 21
iphone case: c/o ideal of sweeden (exact here)

i love how casual, yet feminine this outfit
feels. i wore it last week to take outfit photos (as per usual)
and on a coffee date after work. i am eager
to style the blouse with a fitted black skirt and
ankle boots this fall.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

the little red dress you need this summer

it is no secret that summer is my 
favorite time of year. the cold brew;
weekend festivals and street fairs; the bright colors; 
vibrant, seasonal trends - i love all of it.

my mom works as a montessori preschool 
teacher (with a beloved summer break!), but unfortunately, 
i have a limited number of vacation and personal 
days at my disposal. this has yet to slow me down, 
however, as i continue to fill my calendar with 
trips to the cabin, little weekend getaways,
barbecues, brunches, campfires on the beach, 
blogging adventures, and everything in between. 

traditionally, the start of summer 
also marks the beginning of wedding season.
last summer, i attended eight weddings within
three months. it was busy, but i had
a wonderful time celebrating, eating, dancing, 
etc. etc. my favorite part, however?
choosing what to wear!
disclosure: macy's and lauren ralph lauren graciously
provided me with the dress and handbag in this post.
all opinions are my own!

a red statement dress is perfect for a variety
of spring, summer, and fall occasions, 
but i dream of wearing this particular bell sleeve 
dress to a summer wedding!

the length, fabric, and overall fit of the
dress are seemingly perfect. it is modest, yet
feminine and flirty! i love the eyelet detail on the bell
sleeves (you know i cannot say 'no' to a bell
sleeve top or dress). the sleeve length and light fabric 
will keep you cool for a daytime, outdoor wedding, 
but provide some coverage after sundown.
i paired the red dress with simple nude heels, but
these could easily be swapped out for basic
sandals, ankle boots, or leopard heels come fall.
add a gold belt and/or statement necklace for a 
completely different look!
do you have any weddings or other events
this summer that may require a little red dress? 
while i typically enjoy thrift shopping
and scavenging the sale racks at various department
stores, this dress is an investment. the quality
and design of the dress speak for themselves
(it photographs beautifully, too!). 

this dress fits true to size and is currently
available in sizes 4-14. i am wearing a size 4 and do
not mind the looseness. the straight fit allows for
 freedom of movement (particularly when you are on the 
dance floor); i will not feel restricted after having that 
slice (or two) of wedding cake either.
best of all? it is machine washable!

dress: c/o macy's and lauren ralph lauren (exact here),
heels: nordstrom (similar here), ring: nordstrom,
purse: c/o macy's and lauren ralph lauren (exact here)

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
and if you are searching for that perfect summer 
dress, happy shopping!