Friday, March 24, 2017

a look back at 'diary of this girl'

^^^ my first (professional) blog header! ^^^

in the five years i have been blogging (more than five-and-a-half,
really!), this little blog has evolved. i, too, have come a long way personally, 
professionally and otherwise! i started blogging as a creative 
outlet upon landing my first "real" job after college. 
i wanted and needed a hobby; i have always been passionate about both fashion
and writing. a fashion and lifestyle blog
felt like the perfect means to channel these interests. 
and in 2012, 'diary of this girl' was born!
in the beginning, my photos were taken on various phones
by anyone and everyone willing 
(from family and friends, to coworkers and random passersby). 
my small presence on the internet was a way for me to stay connected with family
and friends who didn't live in the seattle area;
they would email or text that they enjoyed following along
during my post-college life adventures!

my initial posts included various rants, inspirational quotes 
(often borrowed from the web) and very (very!) poor quality outfit 
pictures. i have to admit, i wish i still had some of the clothing
i wore in the early posts. for example, where are those sneakers 
and that one pair of polka dot shorts!?
^^^ my second blog header ^^^

this blog was and continues to be a great passion of mine.
after five years, i still thoroughly enjoy writing content, putting together 
outfits, and of course, talking about all things fashion.
 i hope you will continue to follow along, too!
 the photos (thankfully) got better over time, and i think my 
decision to work with a professional photographer in late 2015
was the best choice i could have made for my blog. 
my blog looks and feels more polished, and i am grateful for
the handful of photographers i have had the pleasure of working with.
i still enjoy browsing the archives to read what was going on 
in my life at the time (also fun? seeing the
dramatic change in the length and color of my hair!). though 
the quality of my photos were sub-par at the start, they're a great representation of 
how much i have learned and grown as a blogger. you live; you learn! 

my favorite part of blogging? the supportive
community of bloggers i have met in the seattle area!
i feel fortunate to live here, where fellow bloggers are less
competitive (and more welcoming) than other u.s. cities.
i cannot tell you how much i enjoy attending blog-related events,
or simply catching up with fellow bloggers over a cup of coffee.
you can bet food and outfit photos for social media will be required, too :)
and don't worry, i by no means plan to give up blogging.
rather, i want to reiterate how much i enjoy this unique, creative
process; i hope you will continue visiting here for fashion tips,
inspiration, and to stay in touch with other life events.
i still have an intense shopping addiction, outfit ideas galore,
and some fun collaborations planned for future posts. xoxo.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

the annual 'spring-cleaning itch'

we experienced a brief glimpse of spring last weekend
(i think a full 24 hours sans rain!); the sun even poked her head out,
albeit brief. the city seemingly comes alive when we transition from 
winter to spring, and i must admit, i couldn't be happier!
with temperatures in the low 50s, i was beyond eager
to ditch my heavy coat and all-too-familiar rain boots.

each year, as spring approaches, i experience a rather intense
desire to purge my closet. i want it all gone. and clean. and organized.
 i am done with everything warm, thick, waterproof - 
anything that reminds me of winter. black jackets and sweaters? goodbye!
 i want to chuck everything i have lived in for the past several
months and welcome lightweight, colorful and vibrant pieces.
disclosure: value village graciously provided me with a gift card used to purchase some of the 
items worn in this post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

the spring purge doesn't mean throwing away clothing,
shoes and accessories (not in the literal sense). instead, 
i separate what i no longer wear or need into distinct piles:
sell, give, and donate. i plan to do an additional blog post detailing
this process (as it has become quite methodical). in general, however,
i choose a few items that are newer and perhaps more 'trendy' 
to sell at local consignment shops. i also have a pile
that i offer to my roommates, coworkers, and of course, my mom.
lastly, i donate the remaining items at value village
(you can find the donation site nearest to you here).

and it seems my attempt to purge and de-clutter my closet this
season was futile; unfortunately, i rarely drop off items at value village 
without also bringing one or two (or sometimes, several) 
'new' things home. it's a vicious cycle, i tell you.
while i may have gone into the store several
bags lighter (with a more organized car, bedroom and closet!), 
i came out with a new spring-inspired outfit.
'you're only going in to drop these things off, megan.'
this is the mantra that runs through my head upon entering
my local value village. whether or not this repeated mantra actually
works is still up for debate.

blouse: daniel rain (c/o value village), jeans: american eagle,
purse: steve madden (c/o value village), shoes: converse (c/o value village),
bracelet: gift from my parents after their recent trip to mexico, rings: forever 21

and while my meager attempts at keeping my closet
clutter low are seemingly futile, i know that both 
shopping and donating at value village makes a difference.
last year, they kept 650 million pounds of textiles and goods
out of landfills. that's quite a feat! 

have you experienced the annual spring cleaning itch? 
how do you stay organized, and what do you typically
do with items you no longer wear or need? let me
know in the comments, and happy cleaning (and donating!).

Thursday, March 16, 2017

dressing for the weather (which means rain!)

if you live in seattle, or the surrounding area, then you know
all anyone is talking about is this darn weather. it may seem 
silly (or trivial, perhaps?), but we haven't had a break
 from the rain in weeks. sunshine, where are you?

i know i am feeling a bit vitamin d deficient, and fellow 
bloggers, you can relate to this - it is incredibly difficult to take 
photos during a downpour. unfortunately, photos taken indoors
rarely turn out for me #bloggerproblems
my dear friend, jenn and i decided to brave the rainstorm 
last weekend to photograph a few looks. we may have had to dry out
 after and opted to enjoy lunch (and dessert, of course)! 
hopefully you can't see my 
large goosebumps or the water spots on my jacket.
dressing for the ever-present rain has become my morning
dilemma: black rain boots? grey rain boots? and which
black jacket should i wear? the long one? or the longer one?
this mantra goes through my head each morning, and 
let me tell you, i am about ready to throw away everything
black and waterproof! this girl wants to embrace spring and all
that accompanies it: dresses sans tights, everything pastel, sunshine, 
and even the new 'seasonal cup' at starbucks. 
photos by jenn from hello rigby

dress: loft (similar here), jacket: nordstrom rack (similar here),
necklace: nordstrom, ring & shoes: forever 21, purse: stitch fix

any tips or locations you have for taking photos
during bad weather are greatly appreciated! preferably, 
places that are covered (to protect clothing and cameras, 
and to prevent hair from becoming too wild). i am hopeful that our weather will
 soon improve so i can pack up my heavy sweaters and coats and wear 
lighter, more colorful pieces
in celebration of spring. until that happens, i'll continue
lusting after the adorable spring clothing in all the storefronts
and beach / vacation photos via pinterest.