Tuesday, January 16, 2018

words to live by

'my mission in life is not merely to survive, 
but to thrive; and to do so with some passion,
some compassion, some humor, and 
some style.'
--maya angelou

happy new year, everyone! 
i touched on a few goals i have 
for 2018 here, but wanted to circle back
to this topic after listening to a handful of podcasts 
(detailing self-love, dating, writing, and more), 
and reading a few inspiring blog posts,
written by local women i truly admire (you
should check out this post by jenn from 'hello 
rigby' and this post by asa from 
'lace and pearls').
in addition to focusing on my career aspirations
(if all goes according to plan, i will finish
my certificate program at the university of washington
in june), and dedicating more time to my
blog (new website launching soon), i want to
focus on myself (what exactly that entails,
i am not yet sure).

sadly, the value in self care and self love
is often overlooked. we feel guilty when saying
'no' to friends and may regret missing an
event or party (FOMO is a real thing, let me tell you). 
but taking that time to instead read, watch
a show, meditate, stretch, or do whatever it is
that brings you peace is incredibly important.
our time is a precious commodity, and it should
not be wasted. 

last year, i dedicated a great deal of
time to varying social engagements, attended
events, and commuted all over the
city for said engagements. while fun (at times),
this time could have been spent in other
productive ways, too (let's not mention
the food, gas, and clothing money that was
also wasted last year--that is an 
entirely different topic). 

of course, i still value social engagements; they 
can be both productive and entertaining. however,
 i want to prioritize my time and energy on the friendships that
are most important to me. i suppose my point is that
i want to be more conscientious in regards to
how i spend my time and energy. you live, and you 
learn. i am eager to learn more about this!
^^^ i love the elbow-patch detail on this blazer ^^^
photos by jenn from hello rigby 

blouse: loft, jeans: american eagle,
blazer: banana republic (thrifted via seattle goodwill), 
purse: tj maxx, flats: vaneli (thrifted via seattle goodwill)

2017 taught me several important life
lessons: a career in a field i never thought
possible (finance of all things) is possible 
(and enjoyable, too); i can further my education
if i set my mind to it; friendships i once thought
were incredibly important may lessen over
time, but new friendships can also prosper; 
relationships (whether friend or romantic) take
a great deal of effort, and this effort cannot
be devalued; family is as important as ever during
busy and seemingly tumultuous phases of life;
and lastly, your health and wellness should
never be taken for granted (take care of
your body--this is something i am 
learning to be better about, as i had to 
greatly change my diet this past year).

what lessons were seemingly prominent
for you during 2017? what are some of your
goals or intentions for the new year?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

sweater weather

sweater weather: my favorite kind of
weather! who doesn't enjoy soft, thick,
and oversized sweaters? they're perfect for
any occasion, whether layered over a flannel
and leggings, or stylishly paired with a 
dress or blouse at the office. 

i have an immense love obsession for
sweaters; 'you do not need another
grey sweater, megan.' words that are uttered
far too often. in my opinion, one can
never own too many grey (or colorful) sweaters ;)
disclosure: a special thank you to boho chic boutique for graciously providing me the 
sweater worn in today's post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

sophisticated turtlenecks; cardigans;
fuzzy pullovers; i love them all.
when it comes to sweaters, i have learned
brand (and/or quality of material) is of great
importance. thus, my love for bargain hunting does
not always apply in the sweater department. 
this doesn't mean that all my sweaters are cashmere or
purchased for $100+. no, no. instead, i try
to find quality pieces at local boutiques, 
department stores, or on consignment. 

additionally, when sweater shopping,
i look for two things: is the garment dry-clean 
only? what is the garment made of?
fibers extracted from plants and animals
and made from cotton, wool, linen, or 
silk are going to be of better quality (and
subsequently longer-lasting) than synthetics and
other man-made materials, such as 
acrylic, spandex, and polyester. thus, prior
to hitting the cash register, check
the inner tag of your sweater or garment.
quality over quantity!
this is something i, personally, need to adhere
to. i cannot tell you how many times i've 
purchased an inexpensive sweater, only to wear it
a few times and have it stretch out, pill, and/or
look crummy. this is discouraging and
ultimately a waste of money. the best
way to judge the quality of a sweater is
to touch it. try it on. how does it feel? what
is the density? if it is a knit sweater, upon 
stretching, does it return to its original shape? 
inspect the seems holding the sweater
together, too!

blouse: loft, sweater: c/o boho chic boutique,
jeans: loft, flats: franco sarto (thrifted via seattle goodwill), 
purse: thrifted via seattle goodwill, rings: target

a few weeks ago, i discovered a new
local boutique on instagram (@bohochicboutique2017).
they offer a variety of blouses, sweaters, pants,
and bralettes that are of great quality and at an
even better price point. i feel fortunate for the 
opportunity to collaborate with and support
them here on my blog. the sweater i am wearing
today has been on major repeat as of late. it's incredibly soft
and has maintained its shape (despite many
wearings)—no pilling here, either!

are you familiar with boho chic boutique?
you can shop my sweater on instagram.
cheers to supporting local, small businesses!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

new year; new goals!

happy 2018, everyone!
in past years, i have greatly enjoyed
making (seemingly lavish) NYE plans, dressing
up, and ringing in the new year in high style.
this year, however, an oversized sweatshirt,
netflix, and gluten free pizza sounded far
more appealing. perhaps this is due to my
age? or a busy holiday season?
regardless, i skipped the fuss and kindly said,
'no, thank you,' to a few holiday party 
invites. while i didn't indulge in pizza,
i was seated on my couch at 12:00am and
could not have been happier!

how did you spend your NYE? i shall
live vicariously through you.
2017 was a busy, yet productive year:
i experienced a change (or two) in positions
at work, moved north of the city, visited
lake chelan and las vegas, enrolled in a certificate
program at the university of washington,
and spent a great deal of time with family and friends.
i also enjoyed sharing outfits, style tips,
and my daily adventures with you (here!).

in 2018, i look forward to continued
career development, completing 
the aforementioned certificate program, pursuing
a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle,
and, of course, devoting a large chunk of my free 
time to creating new blog content. in fact, this blog is 
currently 'under construction' (re a new domain
and overall design). i am eager to share the 
details very soon!
additionally, i hope to continue 
experimenting with new (and old) fashion
trends; 70s inspired fashion, i am looking at you!
a coworker and dear friend of mine
has sworn off purchasing new items in 2018. 
i find this is an admirable endeavor, though 
i am not sure i possess enough self-discipline.
however, i will continue to purchase
clothing, shoes, and accessories second-hand,
as i have done in the past.
these boots were a thrifted find, and
i have been wearing them on repeat!
top and skirt: zara, purse: forever 21,
booties: paul green (thrifted via seattle goodwill),
 earrings: something silver

cheers to a new year!
do you typically set new goals or
outline new year's resolutions? i prefer goal-setting
and purchased a beautiful notebook to document these goals
(and to hold myself accountable).